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Thank you.

This has been a very fun and rewarding business to run and operate for a lot of great customers.

We just depleted inventory for our stock, and instead of re-ordering, we've decided to put the business up for sale...to the highest bidder!

With this company, comes:

  • This website application
  • A sister website application that is for niche marketing
  • A holistic eCommerce back-end that links to any Paypal gateway
  • A rendering engine that builds production-print-ready PDFs of the decks users build through the web app
  • A notification system that facilitates orders
  • A 4-color Xerox 7655 production laser printer
  • An industrial bulk card-stock paper cutter
  • A playing card die-punch manual machine
  • 1 ream of playing card stock paper for starter
  • 1 box of stock plastic cases for starter
  • A shrink-wrap kit with supplies, heat-sealer and heat-gun
  • Full documentation and instructions for operating the website and fulfilling orders

We have kept this website operational so you can assess the application, but you will note that you cannot proceed to checkout.

Contact Us if you are interested in bidding

Let Us Help You Design Your Own Playing Cards

Easy to use website

With an advanced user interface, making your custom deck is simple, easy, and FUN!

No Minimum Order

Order one deck or one-hundred with no minimum limit.

Fast Free shipping

We offer fast free shipping on every deck of playing cards with the option to upgrade to priority if you need it faster.

100% US-Based Company

100% US-Based Company

We are proud of being a 100% US-based, central Illinois company. We pride ourselves on making sure our customer service meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Creating Your Custom Deck

A customized deck of cards is a great addition to any family get together. What better way to gather the family centrally, than around a card game? Family reunion playing cards are a great way to reminisce with relatives you haven't seen in a while. Personalized playing cards with pictures of family members are always fun, and at Make My Playing Cards, you get the chance to be creative with your pictures. Imagine having your grandma and grandpa as the king and queen of hearts! Or, perhaps you'd like to be the 'ace' of your family? Make your own playing cards today with makemyplayingcards.com!

Making playing cards is our specialty, and we will help you create your own personal playing cards that are perfect for any occasion. These custom playing cards are made with the highest quality of materials and a most careful process to ensure that you will have a personalized deck of cards that will give you years of enjoyment without wearing out. We also are committed to using only the most reliable equipment for playing card printing to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Create Your Own Custom Playing Cards for Any Occasion!

Making playing cards with makemyplayingcards.com is super easy: just click here to create your deck now! Start making your own custom playing cards right away! Your personalized deck of cards can have any picture you want. All you need to do is upload your photos, and for a truly customized deck of cards, you can assign any photo to any card, resize and rotate photos, apply a photo to a certain suit or rank, and so much more! Finally, just choose a back for your deck out of our stock photos or a photo that you have uploaded and your personalized playing cards are done!

In a matter of days, you'll be holding your personalized deck of playing cards! Why wait any longer? Design your own custom deck of playing cards now with this online tool!

Father's Day Playing Cards and Graduation Custom Playing Cards

Design your own playing cards that are perfect for weddings, family reunions, special events, as keepsakes, vacation memories, father's day gifts, mother's day gifts, Christmas, birthdays and new-born gifts, or any occasion! We have no minimum order and offer free shipping**, include a free plastic case, and our online tool makes it easy and fun to build your own deck. Create your deck free of charge, and see exactly what it will look like in your hands on screen, real–time. Ask us your questions; we want to help you create a great product! View our pricing here.


  1. Allow our customers to create a Superior Product they will love, using the Easiest Online Tools.

  2. Our production is designed for Single Deck Orders and high volume orders. There is NO MINIMUM ORDER. Many of our competitors have high minimums. Why would you want 50 decks of your family at Disney World for $$$$ when you could pay as low as $21.95 for a single deck here?

  3. Make our product as Affordable As Possible, include a FREE CASE, FREE SHIPPING ** and a customer experience second-to-none.

Custom Playing Card Pricing
We accept Visa and MasterCard on checkout. The price of your order depends on how many decks you want:

1 deck$23.95**($21.95 if you include our logo)
2-3 decks$21.95 ea.**($19.95 if you include our logo)
4-6 decks$21.95 ea.**($19.95 if you include our logo)
7 or more decks$18.95 ea.**($16.95 if you include our logo)

**Save $2.00 per deck if you add our logo to the back of your playing cards!