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Newborn Baby Playing Cards

WHEN MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN six years ago, being the proud father I am, I took more photos in those first 48 hours than I have in my entire life. My name is Mark, the owner and creator of MakeMyPlayingCards.com. My daughter just turned 6 today (July 2, 2010). I recently taught her how to play the classic card game or war with a personalized deck of playing cards with her on them...as a baby. I can't tell you what that moment meant for me. Teaching her to COUNT and the logic of comparison. It was a surreal moment I will never forget. And though it breaks my heart to see my baby grow older every day, I will always have those photos and memories...forever part of our family's Custom Deck of Playing Cards.

Nothing is more special than a new life coming into this world. One of the most popular custom deck of cards we have coming through our personalized playing card system is celebrating a Newborn Baby.

More photos are taken of a life in the first week, than any other time in their life. There are heaping mounds of photos that never make it into packed photo albums, but all are too precious to throw away. We are always pleased to see how our customers use our custom playing card creator in creative ways. Using our system, you can build a Pocket-Sized Photo Album of those cherished first days. The cards become an heirloom that you will want to prominently display.

Using this website you can upload your own photos, design each card and we will create and ship you your own professionally produced deck of custom playing cards! Each deck includes a clear plastic case and shipping is free **! Custom Playing Card Decks starting at $22.95!

Capture Precious First Memories Of A Newborn Baby
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Perfect For:

  • Your Newborn Baby
  • A Brother or Sister's New Sibling
  • A Friend's Newborn Baby
  • Your Newborn Brother or Sister