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Can I leave an order and complete it later?

If you wish to save your Deck/Session and complete your order later, you should see an option at the top of the site that says Save My Deck! (see image to the right). This feature requires an account, but you can have as many decks as you wish in-progress. If you do not create an account and save your session, your deck-in-progress only stays active as long as your browser session is open or until 24 hours of no activity have passed during your visit. If you close your browser window, or have not modified your deck-in-progress within the allowed time limit, your changes will be lost and you will have to start over.

What kinds of photos can I upload?

Our photo system allows you to upload just about any image format. The most compatible format is JPG, but we also can accept PNG, TIF, EPS, PSD (Photoshop), PDF, BMP and GIF. Due to the small size of a standard playing card, smaller photos will still look great. However, to ensure the best possible quality playing card, keep your resolution 300 dpi (or higher) and your size 4 inches (proportionate) or greater. We do enforce and monitor submitted material with orders according to our Photos Policy.

Do you have a photos policy?

You can upload any legal material for use in your custom playing card order. You must own the photos you upload. Under penalty of law, copyright infringement will not be tolerated and confirmed claims can result in orders not being fulfilled and no refund issued. Uploaded photos are stored securely and orders are rendered via automation. Your privacy is our number one priority when it comes to photo content. Once an order is rendered and sent to fulfillment, your photos are archived and stored in our system for reordering recalls. Reorder archives are removed after 6 months. If you wish to every have us delete an order archive, please contact our customer support.

Does it cost anything to create my deck, but not order?

It does not cost you a cent to create a deck until you want to order your masterpiece. Click here for session limit details.

Do I need to create an account?

If you do not have an account, on checkout you will create a password and upon placing your first order an account will be created for you. Your account is used to check the status of your orders, place re-orders, view billing history and expedite future orders. We do not store your card on file with your account.

Are the playing cards good quality?

Your custom deck of cards are not "good quality"...they are Excellent quality. We use high quality heavy weight professional gloss card stock, run through a standard 23/8" x 33/8" playing card die cutter with rounded 1/8" corners. Your order includes a clear plastic case free of charge (1 per deck).

How much does it cost?

The price of your order depends on how many decks you want:

1 deck   $24.95   **($22.95 if you include our logo)
2-3 decks   $23.95 ea.   **($21.95 if you include our logo)
4-6 decks   $22.95 ea.   **($20.95 if you include our logo)
7 or more decks   $19.95 ea.   **($17.95 if you include our logo)

**Save $2.00 per deck if you add our logo to the back of your playing cards! View more Pricing Information here.

Do I pay shipping and are there any hidden costs?

SHIPPING IS FREE on all standard (non-priority) orders, regardless of quantity! If we are shipping your order to the state of Illinois, 8.75% will be applied to your sub-total. Standard orders are shipped USPS First Class mail. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. If you are in a rush (holiday, event, etc...) be sure to use our Priority option. A fee of $8.20 is applied to each deck in your order. With Priority Orders, we guarantee ship next business day USPS Priority Mail. Allow 2-3 days for delivery. Express mail options are available, but please use our Support Form to inquire before placing your order.

How long do orders take to ship/receive?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for standard (non-priority) orders to be fulfilled and shipped to you. Our typical turn-around is 3 days + shipping, but when order volume is high our production fulfills orders in the order they are received. We ship all standard (non-priority) orders USPS First Class Mail. Tracking numbers are not provided for orders. For Priority Orders, we guarantee ship next business day USPS Priority Mail. Allow 2-3 days for delivery. Express mail options are available, but please use our Support Form to inquire before placing your order.

Can I get a price break for more decks?

Yes, Click here to see information on costs.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa and MasterCard only. Your bank statement will reflect a charge from CSMINC PLAYINGCARD.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can ship your playing cards back to us within 30 days for a conditional refund. You will be responsible for return shipping costs. Your deck is shipped in a water-tight sealed shrink-wrapped hard plastic case to protect your playing cards during shipment to you. In addition, we also shrink-wrap the playing cards inside the case to ensure padding and compression during transit. Damage to your playing cards due to water, exposure to elements, or non-normal-handling is not covered for refund. We're nice folks and we will do our best to be understanding of your situation. You should contact our support before initiating a refund.
The only condition full refunds are not applicable are in cases where our DIY Design Policy is not implemented by customer before placing order. We print/produce decks as-provided.

What is your privacy policy?

Click here to view our privacy policy.

How do I place a re-order or re-build a previously placed order and make changes to it?

We have you name your decks for several reasons: (a) So we can identify your order (b) So you can track your order in your online account and (c) So you can re-order or re-build your order so you can make changes and order another deck/version. To place a re-order, log into your account, go to your Dashboard and click on My Order History. Click the record you wish to re-order. In the top right, you will see a button for

It may take a minute to pull your photos and resources from their archive. Once done, your order will be rebuilt exactly the way you left it when you ordered it. You can make whatever changes you wish and place another order.

Ain't we smart?

How do I contact customer support?

Click here to contact our customer support.

My order was received with a broken plastic case!

If you received your order and found your clear plastic case broken due to the United States Postal Service's delicate handling practices, Fear Not. We will send you a new case free of charge! Simply use the Customer Support Form, and in the Message field, please reference:
  • Your Order Number
  • How many broken cases you need replaced (limit order qty)
  • Where you wish to have your cases shipped (if different from your order shipping address)
  • Say something nice about our awesome site and service...our team eats that stuff up
Note: This offer is only valid within 2 weeks of your order shipping.

DYI Design Policy

We print/produce the order as you design it on screen (DIY - Do It Yourself). However you place your photos on each card (down to the pixel), we produce. This means photo placement/position, rotation and zoom. When you complete your order, our back-end engine stitches together a master production file based on each tiny coordinate of your custom design (as you created it). This file goes straight into our production machine and into the mail.
Your satisfaction is important to us. However, if the DYI Design Policy is not understood and it is clear you uploaded and dropped photos expecting human-designer-intervention on MMPC's side, our Return (Refund) Policy is not applicable.

"Holy Crop!"

The nature of a playing card is portrait, meaning when held its height is greater than its width. That said, the best photos you can upload to use on your cards will be portrait/vertical oriented photos. However, it is common that many (if not most) of the photos you wish to use are landscape (width is greater than height). There are two solutions for you to use these photos:

Say you have this Landscape photo of a family reunion:

You can adjust the position of your photo to only show a portion of your image.

In most cases, this is acceptable by our customers. On a typical landscape photo, they can move the positioning of the photo to highlight what they want to see. The downside, is you need to choose which side of the family you like the best:


It's important to note that our system makes a landscape photo's minimum scaleable height equal to that of the card. Meaning, you cannot scale down the image so that you see the whole photo on the playing card if it's landscape. WHY? Our goal is to ensure 100% of the playing card surface is filled with your photo, so that no white-space is seen. If you were to scale down a landscape photo to the point it would show 100% of the photo, you would have a large white bar above and below your photo...your playing card would look terrible and your photo content would be too tiny to make out. For example:

See what we mean? Not good.

If this policy makes you go grrrrrr, research who invented the Poker Card and ask them why they designed it to be vertical/portrait in nature: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playing_card

Rotate your photo.

This is the best and most common solution. Once you drop a photo on a card, you have the ability to rotate your photos so they are vertical/portrait. Granted, your content will be flipped on it's side when viewed on the card, but at least you will see your whole family reunion line-up...and not just your favorite half.